Mothering Sunday

This weekend I popped home to see my mum for Mothering Sunday. Mothering Sunday brought with it a visit to church, where I spotted the sunlight glancing off the bevelled edge of this headstone. Later in the afternoon, the sun went down between broken clouds and formed a very dramatic sunset. Because human eyes have […]

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Evening in Oldbury Court

The other evening I went to Oldbury Court to catch some of the golden sunrays. I used an old lens with a primitive lens coating, so there was plenty of lens flare from the low sun. In the viewfinder it was all sorts of magical colours, but you only get to see the black & […]

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Autumn sunset

Autumn this year seems to have brought with it some fantastic sunsets looking south from Kingswood, Bristol. I would like to point out that the colours of these photos have not been enhanced on the computer. What you see is exactly what I downloaded from the camera.

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For the summer period, Stu set us Tuesday Challenge Summer Homework. After much um-ing and ah-ing, I settled upon the theme of Water. I’ve interpreted the theme quite loosely – all of these photos have water in them in some way, but not necessarily the focal point. Llys-y-Fran dam, Pembrokeshire Tenby harbour, Pembrokeshire Raindrops on […]

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Baltic cruise: Harwich

Yes,I know. Harwich isn’t the most exciting, picturesque or romantic destination. But it was the port of departure for the Baltic cruise, which I went on with my family (parents and two younger brothers). I took lots of photos over the fortnight, and now on my photoblog I will upload the highlights of each destination, […]

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For anyone who also reads my photo blog, you might have seen that I went out around sunset last night to see if there were any interesting photos to be taken. Before I left the house, I checked the official time of sunset on the BBC Weather website, and found it to be 9:04pm. I […]

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Sunset over Avon Gorge

Last night I went for a walk around the Clifton downs and suspension bridge around sunset. The BBC forecast sunset at 9:04pm, and here’s what I came up with. In the first picture, the sun was above the horizon but the light was lovely and golden, and allowed me to take this picture of the […]

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