Sunset over Avon Gorge

Last night I went for a walk around the Clifton downs and suspension bridge around sunset. The BBC forecast sunset at 9:04pm, and here’s what I came up with.

In the first picture, the sun was above the horizon but the light was lovely and golden, and allowed me to take this picture of the bridge.

8:44pm – Clifton Suspension Bridge

I got bored of taking pictures of the bridge, because it’s hard to take pictures of something very large if you’re also standing on it. So I walked up onto the hill where Clifton Observatory stands and took this picture – still in relatively bright light.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Finally this last shot was taken a bit further down the downs, but not as far as the ice cream van (for those of you who know Bristol). I’m looking away from the bridge, down to Avonmouth. It is now well gone the official time of sunset, but still light enough to take photos.

9:24pm – Avonmouth

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