These panoramas were taken with a medium format film camera (a Mamiya RB67) loaded with 35mm film. I’ve taken panoramas in this way before, but this time I used a 3D-printed spool adapter. I managed to squeeze 11 panoramas onto a film designed for 24 exposures. These are my favourite two – scanned without theContinue reading “Panoramas”

Getting to know the Pellix at sunset

I finally laid my hands on a camera I’ve wanted for ages – a Canon Pellix from the mid-1960s. Mine is the QL edition from 1966. It’s like most other manual focus Canon SLRs except that it has a fixed pellicle mirror, rather than a moving mirror. It diverts 1/3 of the light to theContinue reading “Getting to know the Pellix at sunset”

Another sunset at Troopers Hill

I spent most of the day around Glastonbury, photographing the Tor from various areas outside the city and exploring the former Glastonbury canal. I took four cameras with me; the digital one stayed in its bag and I shot lots of pictures with the three film-flavoured cameras. Unfortunately I didn’t finish any of the filmsContinue reading “Another sunset at Troopers Hill”

Severn Beach Sunset

This weekend Fraser (my best-man-to-be and arch-enemy friend of old) visited so we could go wedding suit shopping with my dad, my brothers, and Hannah’s dad. Success – we found some suits in a suit shop! Who’d have thought? I dunno why women make such a fuss about shopping 😉 So with time to spare,Continue reading “Severn Beach Sunset”

Long Wrangle Farm

On the way home from our photo-expedition to Burrow Mump and Berrow Beach, we spotted a golden sunset coming across the road. We stopped at the next possible place, which happened to be the entrance to Long Wrangle Farm. The sun was very low on the horizon and the light was changing rapidly, so itContinue reading “Long Wrangle Farm”

Sunset with a rainbow in a rain storm

Bit of a mouthful, but the title says it all. This week’s Photo Challenge is to take a picture of a sunset. The weather has been a bit iffy this week, and last night we had a rain storm. But in the middle of the storm, I spotted a glorious sunset and a rainbow. TheContinue reading “Sunset with a rainbow in a rain storm”

Some pictures in colour

You might think that colour photography has been mainstream for decades, and you’d be right. But for me, I rarely shoot in colour because I only have the equipment at home to process black & white film. Once in a while, I treat myself and have a few colour films developed at a lab, andContinue reading “Some pictures in colour”