I offer professional custom recording, mixing and mastering services at low prices. I work to suit your workflow as a musician. I record at a venue of your choice, as I don’t currently have studio space. This could mean making a live album at a gig, or a studio album at your rehearsal venue, for example.

What can I record?

I have a wide and versatile set of professional equipment which can be used to record almost anything. If you want to record something that is not listed below – ask me! I’m flexible.

  • Vocalists – soloists, ensembles and choirs
  • Bands – electric and acoustic rock, pop, jazz, brass, etc
  • Solo instrumentalists – woodwind, brass, string, piano, etc
  • Orchestras and classical ensembles
  • Pipe organ
  • Adding vocals to an existing backing track
  • Speech & voiceovers

How it works

Once I have established what kind of setup your job will need, I will come to your premises or the agreed venue with my equipment and set it all up – which usually takes less than an hour. I’ll then make your recording according to your schedule. You can listen to each take before moving onto the next song, so you’ll be sure everything has been captured properly.

After the recording is done, I’ll be off on my way home to edit your recordings in my own time. It’s up to you whether you want to be involved in this process or not. You can leave it to me, or you are welcome to sit with me and have creative input.

When the editing is done, you will be invited to listen to the recording to make sure it’s up to scratch before you part with any money. When you’re happy, you’ll receive a copy of the recording – both a regular audio CD and a CD with MP3 files on. The MP3s can also be emailed to you. If you want a large run of professionally made CDs (or vinyl, or cassettes!) then I’ll arrange this using an external CD printing company.

Please note that payment must be made in full before I release any of your recordings.


The prices I charge are itemised so you only pay for what you need. There is a discount of 25% on core services for students, NHS employees and registered charities who present valid ID.

As well as the core services around recording and editing, I offer some optional extras such as photography for the CD cover or your website, and designing cover artwork for the CDs.

Core services
Day or part day of recording on location £400 – bands, groups, choirs, orchestras
£200 – vocal/instrumental soloists & duets
Travel cost per 20 miles, if outside of Bristol £5
Hour of time spent editing £10
One copy of edited recording (CD + MP3) Free
Optional extras
Professionally printed CD in hard jewel case with glossy insert £3 each – up to 1000 CDs (minimum order 500)
£2.50 each – CDs over and above 1000
Copy of raw session data (WAV format) £25
Artwork design for professionally printed CDs £50
Photo shoot for CD artwork £100

About me

I have had a musical background since childhood. I play the keyboard and pipe organ, and occasionally sing with a choir. I can sort of play bass guitar, and in the past I’ve dabbled with tenor saxophone and clarinet. I’ve also arranged some dance remixes of classical music. I’m not an expert musician, but I get music. I enjoy listening to trance, jazz, prog rock, classical, choral and probably many other genres that I can’t think of right now.

On the technical side I’ve been fascinated with recording music since I got a tape recorder for my sixth birthday. Over the years I’ve done recordings and live sound for various events, including rock gigs, classical concerts, DJ sets, theatrical performances and church services.

These days, I’m a geek and a perfectionist, and that carries over into my audio work. Recording isn’t my day job, but I’m an IT guy and that gives me a headstart in computer audio editing. I frequently work with bands and choirs to get the results they want.


I have a wide selection of professional equipment to cover a vast range of applications. There is too much to list fully, but at the heart of the system is a digital multitrack mixer for multitrack recording. I have a box of microphones to cover every eventuality – dynamic microphones, large condenser microphones, small condenser microphones and heaps of accessories.



Please email Jonathan Gazeley on to ask questions, arrange a recording, or just say hi.


Cantabile Youth Choir recorded their 4th CD Aspirations in July 2012 and worked with recording engineer Jonathan Gazeley.

It was a pleasure to work with Jonathan. He proved to be very reliable and extremely reassuring during the recording sessions, making a potentially stressful situation seemingly less so. At all stages of the process, Jonathan was prepared to go that extra mile, to ensure that we got the final result we required.

I would certainly work with Jonathan again, and would recommend him as a helpful and very able sound engineer.

Christine Sumner
Musical Director, Cantabile Youth Choir

Jonathan has made several recordings of musical events and services at St Mary’s Church, Fishponds. These were very well received by the participants and have proved invaluable. He successfully overcame the considerable difficulties of balance arising from the fact that the organ is at the opposite end of the building from the choir and organist. He works with the minimum of fuss and as unobtrusively as is possible given the circumstances. The final product is competently edited and well presented.

John Anson
Director of Music, St Mary’s, Fishponds

I’m writing on behalf of Apathy Point. We just had Jonny record and edit our EP and it is awesome. The great thing about Jonny is that he goes about recording in a professional and flexible manner, meaning we could get the music done in the quickest time possible. Rock on dude x

Guitarist, Apathy Point

Jon was happy all day [at Durdhambury 2005], worked really hard, he was multi tasking constantly, he offered good sound, and set up a pretty damn good gig.

Bassist, Fujiwara

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