Old pictures of Bristol

Recently I scanned in some old slides for a colleague of work. Most were family photos but there was a handful of pictures of Bristol in decades gone by. He has very kindly agreed to let me publish these pictures, so here they are. The Centre in 1955, compared with modern view The Centre inContinue reading “Old pictures of Bristol”

The view from Dundry

Recently my friend and colleague David (who knows South Bristol a lot better than I do) recommend I head up to Dundry for a great view of Bristol. Dundry is a small village several miles South from Bristol, and perched atop a large hill. It has several radio masts and I believe one of themContinue reading “The view from Dundry”

Infrared Week Part 7

Our final instalment of Infrared Week is an image of Clifton Suspension Bridge. Foliage turns white and the grass resembles snow. The stonework of the bridge appears a dark grey. This is my favourite image of Infrared Week, and so I have saved it until last 🙂 Mamiya C220 camera with Mamiya-Sekor 80mm f/2.8 lensContinue reading “Infrared Week Part 7”

Cumberland Basin in the evening

It’s the Bristol Balloon Fiesta this weekend and tonight at 6pm there was scheduled to be a mass ascent of 100 hot air balloons near the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Paul and I checked my ephemeris to find a good location (it’s a really useful app) and set off to Cumberland Basin, which affords good viewsContinue reading “Cumberland Basin in the evening”

First go on the Horseman

No, not a man on a horse. My new Horseman 980 field camera! For geeks: it’s a view camera with movements. For normal people: it’s a complicated and fiddly camera, excellent for landscape work. I ran a film through the camera to make sure it was more-or-less working before taking any hard-to-repeat photos. The cameraContinue reading “First go on the Horseman”

Wide angle views around the Avon Gorge

This week, in my quest to learn from Ansel Adams, I visited Avon Gorge and the Clifton Suspension Bridge to try my hand at some high-contrast landscapes. I’ve had a wide-angle lens for some time but it hasn’t seen much use. I really enjoyed using this week though, and the third film using that lensContinue reading “Wide angle views around the Avon Gorge”

Rivers Frome and Avon

For those who don’t also read my geeky non-photo blog, I recently discussed Ansel Adams and my interest in his work. With a few sunny days recently, the light from the low sun was ideal to go out and find some high-contrast landscapes. Last week Hannah and I walked along the River Frome (for theContinue reading “Rivers Frome and Avon”

Guess the year

Oh alright, I’ll tell you the year. It’s not like it was difficult… These photos were taken in October 2010 on a Kodak Brownie Model I. The primitive camera on its own adds a certain aged effect to the photos, but the thing that really makes these photos look old is the accidental fogging. WhileContinue reading “Guess the year”

Clifton Suspension Bridge through a fisheye

Today the Autumn sunlight was beautiful, especially in the early evening. I decided to head over to Clifton Suspension Bridge to try out my new Samyang fisheye lens. First I climbed up the cliff to where the Clifton Observatory is, to get these shots of the bridge as a whole. I’ve been here in theContinue reading “Clifton Suspension Bridge through a fisheye”