Holding hands

This week’s Photo Challenge is hands. As I was back at my parents’ house for Edmund’s birthday, I coerced him and his better half Lara into posing for me.

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Family portraits

It’s been a while since Christmas, when my father-in-law-to-be gave me a Victorian camera. I’ve played with it a few times since then but because I’ve been so busy I haven’t got around to scanning any of the pictures in. Until today. These pictures were taken between Christmas and New Year when I’d only had […]

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Edmund & Lara

Today the family assembled themselves and went to a christening. I didn’t take any photos of the christening itself, but after the service I tried to take a few pictures since it’s rare that we are all together and dressed smartly. My camera really struggled in the dimly-lit church and most of the photos were […]

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Colour in the Conway

I shot a roll of colour film in my Conway box camera. It’s interesting because being a 1950s model, it wasn’t designed for colour use. You might think it wouldn’t make much difference, but the lens is neither coated nor corrected for chromatic aberration, so you end up with a low-contrast, soft and dreamy image. […]

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King Henry VIII Relay

Today, the 40th King Henry VIII Relay took place – a prestigious 6×2.3 mile relay race for secondary schools. I took the day off work to watch, as my brother Edmund was competing for King Henry VIII school, running the sixth leg. I ran the Relay a few years ago so it was a bit […]

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A sunny weekend

I visited my parents this weekend. Both of my brothers were also at home, because their birthdays are both in May. We were treated to beautiful, sunny weather on Friday. My brothers played hockey in the garden but I was too lazy to join in, so I broke out my telephoto lens and tried my […]

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A while back, my younger brother Edmund wanted a photo blog, just like his big brother’s 🙂 I set him up with a free subdomain from No-IP. The address used to be edmund.servepics.com. I couldn’t fault the service from No-IP, but unfortunately free domains don’t only attract impoverished teenage photographers. They attract spammers and phishers, […]

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Edmund – 1998

While pondering ideas for Stu’s “big”-themed photo challenge this week, I vaguely recalled taking a picture of my younger brother Edmund some years ago where I managed to make him look big. Eventually I found the photo (a 6″x4″ print from a disposable camera) and pinned the date down as 1998, when I would have […]

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