I’m Jonathan, and I live in Bristol, UK with my wife and daughter. This blog is intended to be a reflection on my various interests; including photography, astronomy, computing, music, recording and general science.

I collect and use vintage cameras. I take photos for fun in my spare time and publish my favourites. I mostly shoot black & white film and do my own developing in my darkroom.

I enjoy making location recordings of classical, choral and acoustic music.

For work, I’m a Linux engineer and can usually be found working in roles such as Site Reliability Engineer or DevOps Engineer.

I’ve compiled a set of links to act as a mini-profile of my online presence.


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8 thoughts on “About

  1. I discovered your blog today, and very pleased that I did. I retired from an aerospace company, and I had the great pleasure of visiting GB, and Bristol in particular. I am a life-long photographer, and I worked as a pro. I also repaired, tuned, and studied pipe organ at University. My camera collection is not organized at all, but you show a way forward on that. Cheers
    Bill Bussell


  2. Hi Jonathan… wondering if you might still have the manual for the Conway camera? The link on your site doesn’t open it and I can’t find it on the wiki. Bought one from a charity shop in Bristol over the summer and fancy trying it out… Can’t find one anywhere else…


    1. Yes I do still have the manual! Apologies for the link on the site – it must have been a casualty of when I switched hosting providers. I’ll fix it when I get home from work.


  3. Hi Jonathan, I came across your site while searching for Horseman 980. I have a camera, three lenses and two backs that I’m interested in selling. I bought the gear 25 years ago while living in Hong Kong, thinking I would have fun with it but as a professional photographer never found the time. Are there any forums you recommend for listing the equipment to sell? Also, any idea what its worth? Cheers, Randy Lagerway


    1. Hi Randy. I do almost all of my buying & selling on eBay.

      Off the top of my head I don’t know what it would be worth but an outfit of body, lenses & backs is usually a valuable thing. Do you have the focusing cams too?

      EBay has a useful feature where you can search for completed auctions and see what they sold for, to get an idea of value. Go into “advanced search” and tick the “completed” box.

      Good luck,


  4. Hi Jonathon, came across your blog while looking for repairs/restoration of my newly acquired Super Ikonta 531 Synchro Compur. Are there any workshops you could recommend for this camera? I am much in sympathy with your collection ethos – old cameras in working order. Currently shooting Canon FTQL/35 -70mm, Retina reflex /various. Voigtlander Prominent 2/50, Kiev with prewar Zeiss 1.5/50.


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