Evening in Oldbury Court

The other evening I went to Oldbury Court to catch some of the golden sunrays. I used an old lens with a primitive lens coating, so there was plenty of lens flare from the low sun. In the viewfinder it was all sorts of magical colours, but you only get to see the black &Continue reading “Evening in Oldbury Court”

More of Lou Lou

I rarely shoot film indoors, but since I had a roll of fast film in the camera this week I was able to shoot a few pictures of Lou Lou with daylight from the window and some artificial light. These are my favourites. If you’ve seen Lou Lou before, you’ll know she’s mainly creamy whiteContinue reading “More of Lou Lou”

It’s spring!

This is the back of Osborne Villas, as seen from the tops of the buildings on Woodland Road. This chap was sitting on a bench in Brandon Hill park one lunchtime, reading. Hana thought it was me! Slightly offended – that guy was probably in his 60s and bald with glasses. Perhaps Hana needs glassesContinue reading “It’s spring!”

Some “wildlife”

Some say that it’s not wildlife if it’s urban vermin. I don’t care, and here are my pictures of seagulls and pigeons. This is the first time I’ve tried using fast film (Ilford HP5+) in my camera, and I coupled it with an 80-200mm lens. This photo of a seagull was an exercise to practiseContinue reading “Some “wildlife””