I only have one digital camera, but I think digital photography is a lot like a Ford Mondeo: reliable, predictable, dependable, versatile, and utterly boring. This is why I have so many film cameras. They’re fun.

Camera cabinet
Camera cabinet

I occasionally use my DSLR when I need the results quickly. Otherwise, I shoot film. The RB67, the 45HD and the Canon 35mm SLRs are reliable workhorses, but the rest are more unpredictable, and reserved for experimentation and fun. All of these cameras are in full working order. I don’t want a boring museum – I want a collection of cameras I can use.

To read about the cameras in my collection, check out the my cameras tag

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  3. Hi Jonathon, I was hoping that you would help me with a lens for my micro 4/3 camera. I am looking for something with a lower f rating than my std lens which starts at 2.8. I have read that the most affordable approach is to go for a converter and use any lens but I am not sure. I don’t have a huge budget just need some advice from you if poss?


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