Always Top Quality, We Insist

I recently looked at the website of the manufacturer of my telescope, Guan Sheng Optical, better known as GSO. I love the juxtaposition of their tag line, “Always Top Quality, We Insist”, with a bunch of gobbledegook (click for bigger version). To be fair to them, my GSO telescope is really excellent and I’m very […]

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Misleading statistics

Today, the BBC published a story about the future of broadband, and specifically, 1 gigabit internet. This isn’t actually so futuristic. It’s not a home connection, but my PC at work has a 1 Gbit internet connection, via the JANET network. It’s had it for a couple of years. When it actually comes down to […]

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Life cycle

For those that don’t know, I work on a university campus. I graduated from the same university a few years ago. Back in June, there was a series of graduation ceremonies. There were smart-looking graduands in their suits and gowns, strolling around looking the business. There were proud parents, beaming with delight that their children […]

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“I’m just…”

If there’s one phrase I hate, it’s any phrase starting with “I’m just…”. Worse yet, “But I’m just…”. It particularly annoys me how many people think that using a phrase including the word just is sufficient to get around rules, or to allow for special dispensation. “I’m sorry, you’re not allowed to use your phone […]

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O2 is down

Seems like O2 is down this evening. It must be a fairly widespread problem since loads of people have posted about it on Facebook and Twitter. I searched for information online but there was nothing on O2’s website, which is pretty poor. Some forums discussed the outage, although there were no facts – only speculation […]

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I bought a BluRay-ROM drive for my media PC this week, and so I decided to bump-start my collection of BluRays. I dredged through the bargain movies at and ordered ten of them. Much was my surprise when they started arriving today and I discovered that they were individually wrapped! I can’t understand how […]

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