Always Top Quality, We Insist

I recently looked at the website of the manufacturer of my telescope, Guan Sheng Optical, better known as GSO. I love the juxtaposition of their tag line, “Always Top Quality, We Insist”, with a bunch of gobbledegook (click for bigger version). To be fair to them, my GSO telescope is really excellent and I’m veryContinue reading “Always Top Quality, We Insist”

Misleading statistics

Today, the BBC published a story about the future of broadband, and specifically, 1 gigabit internet. This isn’t actually so futuristic. It’s not a home connection, but my PC at work has a 1 Gbit internet connection, via the JANET network. It’s had it for a couple of years. When it actually comes down toContinue reading “Misleading statistics”

Thinking about religion and atheism

This post might seem rather out of character for this blog – usually reserved for computing, photography and other gadgets. But for a number of reasons, I’ve been thinking about religion and atheism relentlessly for a number of weeks now. It seems fitting to write something about it on here. My background I was bornContinue reading “Thinking about religion and atheism”

Life cycle

For those that don’t know, I work on a university campus. I graduated from the same university a few years ago. Back in June, there was a series of graduation ceremonies. There were smart-looking graduands in their suits and gowns, strolling around looking the business. There were proud parents, beaming with delight that their childrenContinue reading “Life cycle”

“I’m just…”

If there’s one phrase I hate, it’s any phrase starting with “I’m just…”. Worse yet, “But I’m just…”. It particularly annoys me how many people think that using a phrase including the word just is sufficient to get around rules, or to allow for special dispensation. “I’m sorry, you’re not allowed to use your phoneContinue reading ““I’m just…””

It’s a long way to… Utrecht

I was just considering the possibility of visiting a friend in Utrecht. With the flights currently grounded, I thought it might be a nice idea to get the Eurostar or ferry to Calais and cycle from Calais to Utrecht. I wasn’t exactly sure how far it would be, so I checked on Google Maps. TheContinue reading “It’s a long way to… Utrecht”