Baltic cruise: In summary

Well, I’ve now finished posting photos from my Baltic cruise – one destination each day. If you would like to see the whole lot, have a look at these: Harwich Copenhagen Stockholm Helsinki St Petersburg Tallinn Oslo And last but not least, some pictures of the ship. Jewel of the Seas

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Baltic cruise: Oslo

Our final port of call was Oslo in Norway. The port of Oslo is reached by travelling up some 60 miles of the narrow Oslofjord. Of course the ship has to slow down as it passes through the narrow channel, giving everyone on deck a stunning view. Here are my photographs of the approach to […]

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Baltic cruise: Tallinn

Another day, another country. Today we are in Tallinn, Estonia. Despite being quite far North and, you’d expect, quite cold, the climate was almost Mediterranean while we were there. The locals said it was freakishly hot and they never had weather like this. The sky was clear and blue and the sun was beating down. […]

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Baltic cruise: St Petersburg

Our first taste of Russia, the view of St Petersburg from the ship, was unimpressive to say the least. It’s a mile or two outside the city and all we could see were some shabby, grey tower blocks. And when we disembarked from the ship, we soon discovered that the security in Russian ports is […]

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Baltic cruise: Helsinki

The next day, we sailed into Helsinki, Finland. The weather was grey again, but we disembarked the ship and got straight onto a tour bus that was waiting in the port. One of the first sights we saw was Helsinki Cathedral. I think the steps and paved area of the Senate Square add to the […]

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Baltic cruise: Stockholm

Another day on our cruise finds us on our way into the Swedish port of Stockholm. The day immediately got off to a fascinating start, as Stockholm is surrounded by an archipelago of tiny islands. Great fun if you have a motorboat to whizz round the sharp corners, but for a 90,000 tonne ship there […]

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Baltic cruise: Copenhagen

Our first port of call was Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Unfortunately the weather on the day wasn’t great (grey and rained on and off) but being British we put our brave faces on and walked around in the rain. The walk from the dock to the centre of the town took us past the […]

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Baltic cruise: Harwich

Yes,I know. Harwich isn’t the most exciting, picturesque or romantic destination. But it was the port of departure for the Baltic cruise, which I went on with my family (parents and two younger brothers). I took lots of photos over the fortnight, and now on my photoblog I will upload the highlights of each destination, […]

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