Netham weir

Netham weir is a place I’ve been to regularly before. The water level is very variable due to the tidal Avon and often you can’t see the weir at all. This time, I checked the tide times and waited for a dry day when I would expect the greatest drop. As I hoped, the water […]

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Water drops

This week the Photo Challenge was to take photos of water droplets in one form or another. Here’s my entry. For those who are interested… This picture was taken with a Canon EOS 600D with Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro lens. ISO 200, aperture f/5.6 to provide at least some depth of field, shutter speed was […]

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Ice, Water & Steam

For ages I’ve had the idea of producing a themed set of three black & white prints to display on the wall on my stairs at home. This evening I finally had the inspiration (the three classical states of water) and motivation to take the pictures and develop the film immediately after. I wanted to […]

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Underwater camera

Last year I bought a Canon underwater camera for a holiday. Unfortunately the boating lake was too murky to use it, and so it has sat on my shelf ever since. Recently, I decided to mess about with the camera in my bath, and then I set the self-timer and put it in the dishwasher […]

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Bristol dockside

Now the weather is looking a bit nicer, in the office we’re trying to arrange a weekly photo walk on Thursday. This week, Paul, Alex and I wandered down the hill to the dockside, and back via the Trenchard Street car park. I was shooting film, and these are my favourites from the roll. Geek […]

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Oldbury Court weir

This morning, it rained quite heavily. Soon after it stopped, I headed out to the weir in Oldbury Court because I knew there would be a faster flow of water. I wasn’t wrong. It normally looks like this, with a moderate spill over the weir, and nothing escaping over the sluice gate. I took my […]

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How to make drips

Just now, I posted some pictures of drops of water on my photo blog. I decided to keep it short and pictorial, and to write about the details here, on my geek blog. I’ve never tried taking photos of drops of water before, but I took advice from the comprehensive water drop photography guide. In […]

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Drops of water

Today I had hoped to go walking in Cheddar Gorge to try out my new wide-angle lens, but it rained 😦 Instead, I stayed in and had a go at something I’ve been meaning to try for months: water drop photos. I don’t have an electronic trigger or anything fancy like that, so it was […]

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