For the summer period, Stu set us Tuesday Challenge Summer Homework. After much um-ing and ah-ing, I settled upon the theme of Water. I’ve interpreted the theme quite loosely – all of these photos have water in them in some way, but not necessarily the focal point. Llys-y-Fran dam, Pembrokeshire Tenby harbour, Pembrokeshire Raindrops on […]

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Baltic cruise: Harwich

Yes,I know. Harwich isn’t the most exciting, picturesque or romantic destination. But it was the port of departure for the Baltic cruise, which I went on with my family (parents and two younger brothers). I took lots of photos over the fortnight, and now on my photoblog I will upload the highlights of each destination, […]

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For anyone who also reads my photo blog, you might have seen that I went out around sunset last night to see if there were any interesting photos to be taken. Before I left the house, I checked the official time of sunset on the BBC Weather website, and found it to be 9:04pm. I […]

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Sunset over Avon Gorge

Last night I went for a walk around the Clifton downs and suspension bridge around sunset. The BBC forecast sunset at 9:04pm, and here’s what I came up with. In the first picture, the sun was above the horizon but the light was lovely and golden, and allowed me to take this picture of the […]

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