Trooper’s Hill

Trooper’s Hill today is a nature reserve near the centre of Bristol, in St George. It is steeply hilly and undulating, with rocky outcrops and mini cliffs as a result of mining for coal, copper, clay and slate at various points over the centuries. It is mostly covered with grass and heather and is an […]

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My first attempt at a panorama

Recently, Paul recommended I use Hugin for stitching panoramas, having used it himself for a panorama taken from the top of the H H Wills physics building. Before I spent ages finding a decent location, I thought it would be wise to figure out how exposure lock works, and to make sure I could use […]

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View of Bristol

This was taken from outside Cossham Hospital in Kingswood. I like the contrast between the steep row of houses in the foreground against the blanket of the city centre spread out below.

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