Stairway gallery

One of my favourite features about my house is the staircase. It’s tall, light and airy and has one of those halfway landings where the stairs do a U-turn. We’ve lived here for more than three years now and I’ve finally got round to implementing an idea I’ve had for ages – a stairway photo gallery. […]

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Photos for sale

I’m not in photography to make money, but recently I have been asked by several people if my work is for sale. In response to demand, I’ve set up an online shop! You can visit the shop clicking this link, or by clicking Buy at the top of this page. If there’s a picture in […]

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How many photos?

Earlier today I read an article that attempted to estimate the total number of photographs ever taken. (Spoiler: it’s about 3.5 trillion). I decided to have a look back over my own archive and see how many I’ve taken. Over the course of my life, I’ve taken approximately 3500 pictures on film and 35,000 with […]

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Project 35

For ages I’ve fancied doing some kind of solo photographic challenge – along the lines of photo-a-day. I don’t think I have the inspiration to take a picture every day for a year, and I worry that I’d end up shooting crap. I had a different idea, though. It’s a bit more achievable. Project 35 […]

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Passport photos

All the passport photo machines these days seem to be digital. There’s no flash, it only takes one photo, you get to see it first, and then it prints all four the same. Not to mention that it charges you a fiver. How boring! I miss the machines that produce four bright flashes and then […]

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Photo mosaics

A friend of mine has just completed a project to design a computer program that will generate photo mosaics. She has now launched a survey to collect opinions on what makes the ‘best’ mosaic. Have a go at the survey – it’s interesting and will help her with her project. It comes in four parts, […]

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A while back, my younger brother Edmund wanted a photo blog, just like his big brother’s đŸ™‚ I set him up with a free subdomain from No-IP. The address used to be I couldn’t fault the service from No-IP, but unfortunately free domains don’t only attract impoverished teenage photographers. They attract spammers and phishers, […]


My work on display

Recently I was asked to select some of my photos so they could be framed and displayed in a new meeting room at work. I chose a night-time shot of Oslo, a snap of the new centenary sculpture, and a photo of traffic outside the Victoria Rooms in Clifton. And here’s what they look like […]

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Photo Challenge

For some time, I’ve been taking part in Stu’s Tuesday Challenge. Recently, Stu has had great success with his East Midlands wedding photography business and so doesn’t have time for the Challenge any more. So I’ve taken over the Challenge and rebranded it the Photo Challenge (so I’m not tied to a Tuesday). I hope […]

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