Stairway gallery

One of my favourite features about my house is the staircase. It’s tall, light and airy and has one of those halfway landings where the stairs do a U-turn. We’ve lived here for more than three years now and I’ve finally got round to implementing an idea I’ve had for ages – a stairway photo¬†gallery. […]

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This is a fairly ordinary picture of the window halfway up my stairs. It was actually taken as a test shot a few weeks ago, but I like its simplicity. The test shot itself is special because this was my first attempt at reversal processing – where you end up with a positive rather than […]

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I’m playing catchup a bit here. This photo was actually actually taken a fortnight ago, for the staircases Photo Challenge. This staircase is in the H H Wills Physics Laboratory, Bristol.

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The other day when I came home from work, I looked up the stairs and the view reminded me of an Escher painting. Today I took this photo. It didn’t come out quite as I had imagined, but I like it anyway.

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