Merging my blogs

Anyone who has come to this page either from or will notice I’ve now merged the two blogs in a single site called For now there are automatic redirects in place, and my RSS feed and all historic links will continue to work. But please do change your bookmarks, and if you […]

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A while back, my younger brother Edmund wanted a photo blog, just like his big brother’s 🙂 I set him up with a free subdomain from No-IP. The address used to be I couldn’t fault the service from No-IP, but unfortunately free domains don’t only attract impoverished teenage photographers. They attract spammers and phishers, […]


Web 2.0

Today I signed up for Twitter – not for personal reasons but because I needed it for work. Of course I’ve heard about it in the past as the leading micro-blogging service, but it hadn’t interested me in the slightest. I have used Facebook since its early days (when you could only get in if […]

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