Project 35 – Out now!

Project 35 is complete! I went to ASDA this morning as my film scanner is broken, and had my film developed and put onto CD. I’ve done the bare minimum of editing with these pictures – they are rough and ready, and exactly as they came out of the camera (a 1956 Zorki-4 rangefinder with […]

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Project 35 starts today!

The other day I aired my idea of Project 35. Project 35 is to shoot 35 pictures over 35 days on 35mm film with a 35mm lens. Today I started the project, and took the first picture. Now I have to keep up the daily photo habit for the next month-and-a-bit. As it’s film, the […]

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Project 35

For ages I’ve fancied doing some kind of solo photographic challenge – along the lines of photo-a-day. I don’t think I have the inspiration to take a picture every day for a year, and I worry that I’d end up shooting crap. I had a different idea, though. It’s a bit more achievable. Project 35 […]

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