How many photos?

Earlier today I read an article that attempted to estimate the total number of photographs ever taken. (Spoiler: it’s about 3.5 trillion). I decided to have a look back over my own archive and see how many I’ve taken. Over the course of my life, I’ve taken approximately 3500 pictures on film and 35,000 with […]

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Some photographic statistics

This week, I decided to have a look at some statistics about photos I’ve taken with my Canon 450D. Using a little Perl magic, I extracted the EXIF data from almost 7,000 photos that I’ve taken since purchasing the camera 10 months ago. The first graph shows the different focal lengths used in the photographs. […]

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Web statistics with AWstats

A few months ago I set up a website, Memories of Korea, to showcase some slides I inherited. Naturally I was keen to find out how many visitors I’d had, so I set about finding something that could draw pretty graphs. Based on my experiences setting up website statistics with AWstats, I’ve now prepared a […]

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