Project 35

For ages I’ve fancied doing some kind of solo photographic challenge – along the lines of photo-a-day. I don’t think I have the inspiration to take a picture every day for a year, and I worry that I’d end up shooting crap. I had a different idea, though. It’s a bit more achievable. Project 35 […]

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30 Day Song Challenge

Everyone on Facebook seems to be taking part in the 30 Day Song Challenge recently. I can’t be bothered to publish one item a day on Facebook, so I’ve just compiled the list here instead. Enjoy! Your favourite song – Awaken by Yes Your least favourite song – Friday by Rebecca Black A song that […]

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Photo Challenge

For some time, I’ve been taking part in Stu’s Tuesday Challenge. Recently, Stu has had great success with his East Midlands wedding photography business and so doesn’t have time for the Challenge any more. So I’ve taken over the Challenge and rebranded it the Photo Challenge (so I’m not tied to a Tuesday). I hope […]

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