Me & my camera

This photo was taken for the Photo Challenge this week – folks & their camera. Taking a self-portrait on a camera that doesn’t have a self-timer is pretty hard, so I decided to pose with my fun camera and use my digital camera to take the picture.

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Passport photos

All the passport photo machines these days seem to be digital. There’s no flash, it only takes one photo, you get to see it first, and then it prints all four the same. Not to mention that it charges you a fiver. How boring! I miss the machines that produce four bright flashes and then […]

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The past

This week’s Photo Challenge theme is the past. Take a photo that has a connection with the past. It could be something that reawakens a memory for you, or invites you to reminisce. It could be an old item, or an ancient place. Perhaps a person. I decided to recreate a self-portrait of my Grandad […]

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Some self portraits

Over the last few months I’ve amassed quite a bit of photographic lighting equipment but I don’t often get the chance to play with it. Hana was out this evening, so I moved all the furniture aside and turned my kitchen/living area into a studio. (You can see from the last shot on this page […]

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My first shot at developing

This is me, sitting on the edge of my bath, looking dead chuffed because my first attempt at developing film seems to have come out perfectly! I will, of course, scan and upload the best ones as soon as I can. (They’re still drying at the moment). Update: the best photos from the roll are […]

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