Passport photos

All the passport photo machines these days seem to be digital. There’s no flash, it only takes one photo, you get to see it first, and then it prints all four the same. Not to mention that it charges you a fiver. How boring!

I miss the machines that produce four bright flashes and then a few minutes later, out come four different photos. So I decided to make some photo-booth-style pictures of my own, by setting up a white backdrop, a white umbrella flash and a camera on a tripod. I put the camera in continuous drive with self-timer, for a photo every ten seconds. The camera took quite a few frames of me and Hannah. I’ve now developed the film, and I will contact-print the film strips directly onto photo paper to give little strips of photos, for that retro effect.

But for time being I’ve scanned the negatives and uploaded them here. This is the full set of photos, in order.

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