Cumberland Basin in the evening

It’s the Bristol Balloon Fiesta this weekend and tonight at 6pm there was scheduled to be a mass ascent of 100 hot air balloons near the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Paul and I checked my ephemeris to find a good location (it’s a really useful app) and set off to Cumberland Basin, which affords good views of the suspension bridge.

The balloons were late taking off, and the wind was going the wrong direction anyway. The balloons drifted away from the city, nowhere near the bridge as we had planned. Rather than waste our effort, we decided to have a golden hour photowalk around Cumberland Basin, along parts of the floating harbour and back towards the centre.

We didn’t see a single balloon but there were quite a few varied photos to be had and it was a very pleasant evening for a walk. Fingers crossed it will be windy in the right direction for the ascents on Saturday and Sunday!

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