Guess the year

Oh alright, I’ll tell you the year. It’s not like it was difficult…

These photos were taken in October 2010 on a Kodak Brownie Model I. The primitive camera on its own adds a certain aged effect to the photos, but the thing that really makes these photos look old is the accidental fogging.

While I was loading the film onto the reel for developing, I accidentally left my iPhone on the table, and I received a text. The room lit up like the centre of the sun. I managed to shove the film up my T-shirt and turn the phone face-down, but for a few seconds light was falling on the film, and caused the unevenness you see here.

This is St Paul’s Church, Stockingford, in Nuneaton.

And this is a Clifton villa, near the Suspension Bridge.

And of course, the distinctive view over Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Technically, these are “ruined” photos. But I really like the accidental aged effect. It suits the subjects.

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