Stars in the sky

Sorry for the unoriginal post title – I’m trying to avoid having yet another post entitled stars at night, heavenly bodies, or anything else clichéd. In Bristol, the light pollution is pretty bad so I’ve been trying to find a decent compromise between somewhere away from street lights and somewhere that’s not a pain toContinue reading “Stars in the sky”

Review – Samyang 8mm f/3.5 aspherical Fisheye lens

The background For ages I’ve wanted a decent fisheye lens. Back when I was shooting with my Fuji S9600, I bought a filter-thread screw-on fisheye adapter. It was only about £30 and the chromatic aberration was awful, even in the viewfinder. But it opened up a new world of photography to me, and I enjoyedContinue reading “Review – Samyang 8mm f/3.5 aspherical Fisheye lens”

Clifton Suspension Bridge through a fisheye

Today the Autumn sunlight was beautiful, especially in the early evening. I decided to head over to Clifton Suspension Bridge to try out my new Samyang fisheye lens. First I climbed up the cliff to where the Clifton Observatory is, to get these shots of the bridge as a whole. I’ve been here in theContinue reading “Clifton Suspension Bridge through a fisheye”

Review: Cat Eye Strada Cadence

Over the years I’ve had a number of cycle computers. Most have been Cat Eye, although some haven’t. It’s clear to me that Cat Eye make the best cycle computers – both in ease of use and in build quality (which is rather important when it will be subjected to rain, sun, vibration, heat andContinue reading “Review: Cat Eye Strada Cadence”