The view from Dundry

Recently my friend and colleague David (who knows South Bristol a lot better than I do) recommend I head up to Dundry for a great view of Bristol. Dundry is a small village several miles South from Bristol, and perched atop a large hill. It has several radio masts and I believe one of them […]

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Bristol dockside

Now the weather is looking a bit nicer, in the office we’re trying to arrange a weekly photo walk on Thursday. This week, Paul, Alex and I wandered down the hill to the dockside, and back via the Trenchard Street car park. I was shooting film, and these are my favourites from the roll. Geek […]

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On top of the world

Well, on top of the roof of the Bristol University physics department, which is a pretty tall building on top of a pretty tall hill. This afternoon I managed to get access to go up there with some colleagues. Unfortunately I’d just finished a roll of film in my SLR, but I managed to borrow […]

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Cities I’ve Visited

As much as I hate Facebook for its annoying apps, there are one or two good ones. Cities I’ve Visited is one such app that I like. You can add new cities either by scrolling, zooming & clicking, or by typing in a name. I like maps so I find it pretty interesting to see […]

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A weekend in Hereford

Hannah and I went to Hereford this weekend. The weather was nice, and we had a really nice time relaxing. I managed a few photos too. The golden Autumn sunlight cast a lovely glow over the city. First we visited the cathedral. It seemed rude to take photos inside, but I managed this photo of […]

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Urban landscape

This week’s Tuesday Challenge from Stu was to create an urban landscape. I’ve been busy all week and so earmarked Saturday to go out and take some landscapes from various locations around Bristol. Its hilly nature lends itself to grand vistas without needing to gain access to a tall building. Unfortunately, the weather on Saturday […]

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From Stu: Back to the usual rules, this week you’re taking a picture especially for the challenge. And the theme is BIG. Good luck! Well, I haven’t put so much effort into a photograph for a long time! I had fun with this one – cutting out, painting and making a mess. If you want […]

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View of Bristol

This was taken from outside Cossham Hospital in Kingswood. I like the contrast between the steep row of houses in the foreground against the blanket of the city centre spread out below.

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