Magnificent beasts

Hannah and I went to Longleat again recently. We’ve been a few times before because we enjoy it so much, which means I’ve taken most of the photos I can take there. This time, I was more content just to sit, look, listen and admire the animals. Of course I got my camera out aContinue reading “Magnificent beasts”

Falconry on Troopers Hill

This weekend, the Friends of Troopers Hill hosted a free falconry display, which was put on by West Country Falconry. We were treated to an informative talk and a flying display from five different birds of prey. I can’t remember the¬†species of all the birds we were shown but they definitely included a barn owl,Continue reading “Falconry on Troopers Hill”

Cambridge revisited

It’s been a while since I last posted some pictures instead of writing a technical article. Fortunately, here are some pictures I took in Cambridge this weekend while visiting my brother, Edmund. Being a Cambridge undergrad, he’s quite busy and wasn’t able to meet us right away. When we arrived in the town, we satContinue reading “Cambridge revisited”

Longleat Safari Park VIP Tour

For the second part of our honeymoon, Hannah and I went to Longleat Safari Park, where we had booked a VIP Tour. We’ve been to the safari park before, for the traditional bus tour but this time we wanted to get up close with the animals in a 4×4 and have a private guide toContinue reading “Longleat Safari Park VIP Tour”

Bristol Balloon Fiesta Night Glow

The Bristol Balloon Fiesta is taking place at the moment. I’m not really one for crowds, so last night instead of heading over to Ashton Court to see the festival, I drove to a top-secret location just south of Bristol, on top of a hill which overlooks the city. Armed with a pair of binocularsContinue reading “Bristol Balloon Fiesta Night Glow”

Twycross Zoo

Hannah and I went to Twycross Zoo this week. Apparently they have the largest collection of monkeys and apes in the western world! Unfortunately I didn’t pay enough notice to the plaques so I’m not sure what all of these animals are ūüė¶ I’ve tried wildlife photography before at Bristol Zoo and at Longleat SafariContinue reading “Twycross Zoo”

The view from Dundry

Recently my friend and colleague David (who knows South Bristol a lot better than I do) recommend I head up to Dundry for a great view of Bristol. Dundry is a small village several miles South from Bristol, and perched atop a large hill. It has several radio masts and I believe one of themContinue reading “The view from Dundry”

Another sunset at Troopers Hill

I spent most of the day around Glastonbury, photographing the Tor from various areas outside the city and exploring the former Glastonbury canal. I took four cameras with me; the digital one stayed in its bag and I shot lots of pictures with the three film-flavoured cameras. Unfortunately I didn’t finish any of the filmsContinue reading “Another sunset at Troopers Hill”