Rivers Frome and Avon

For those who don’t also read my geeky non-photo blog, I recently discussed Ansel Adams and my interest in his work. With a few sunny days recently, the light from the low sun was ideal to go out and find some high-contrast landscapes.

Last week Hannah and I walked along the River Frome (for the benefit of those not from Bristol, that’s pronounced like broom, not like dome) from Oldbury Court as far as Snuff Mills. On that stretch there are three or four weirs that used to regulate the water flow so it could be used to power the waterwheels of a number of mills. Most of the mills are long gone, but the weirs are still there today.

Today, we went for a walk across the Clifton Suspension Bridge. As the sun was so low, I could only really shoot in one direction – up the Avon towards Avonmouth and the Bristol Channel. I did take many more photos than this, but I didn’t finish the second film so you’ll have to wait until next time.

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