Infrared Week Part 2

And so we kick off the first picture of Infrared Week with this photo of the building perched on the edge of the Avon Gorge. In infrared, grass appears white and blue skies appear dark. Buildings are mostly unaffected and the picture has an odd effect where it looks like some things are in negative.Continue reading “Infrared Week Part 2”

Avon Gorge and other stuff

This film has been in my Canon AE-1 Program for a while, so this assortment of unconnected photos go back a while. Unfortunately the film curled pretty badly while drying and I wasn’t able to scan it properly. Quite a few of these pictures have Newton’s rings in them – rainbow-coloured splodges across the middleContinue reading “Avon Gorge and other stuff”

Wide angle views around the Avon Gorge

This week, in my quest to learn from Ansel Adams, I visited Avon Gorge and the Clifton Suspension Bridge to try my hand at some high-contrast landscapes. I’ve had a wide-angle lens for some time but it hasn’t seen much use. I really enjoyed using this week though, and the third film using that lensContinue reading “Wide angle views around the Avon Gorge”

Rivers Frome and Avon

For those who don’t also read my geeky non-photo blog, I recently discussed Ansel Adams and my interest in his work. With a few sunny days recently, the light from the low sun was ideal to go out and find some high-contrast landscapes. Last week Hannah and I walked along the River Frome (for theContinue reading “Rivers Frome and Avon”