The Canon A family

I didn’t mean to be a collector – I really didn’t. I was given a Canon AE-1 Program by my uncle in 2009 and I started using it. I loved it and I fell firmly into film photography with both feet. I’ve bought various cameras since but I have always had a rule that IContinue reading “The Canon A family”

Using 35mm film in a 120 camera

You quite often see pictures shot on 35mm film that include the sprocket holes. To do this, you need a camera that takes bigger film than 35mm film – such as 120 film. I’ve tried using 35mm film in my LOMO Lubitel before with reasonable success, except that the red window fogged the film inContinue reading “Using 35mm film in a 120 camera”

New camera: Braun Paxette Electromatic II

Hana went to a car boot sale recently. I half-jokingly asked her to pick up anything photographic if it was cheap, hoping to sell it on eBay for a few quid (and maybe even use it). Girl done good – she found a early 1960s Braun Paxette Electromatic II for not many pounds. The sellerContinue reading “New camera: Braun Paxette Electromatic II”

The benefits of film photography

In today’s day and age of convenience, you might ask why bother using film to take photographs? After all, a digital camera is cheap and easy. You can take hundreds of photos of anything you like. You can take photos like mad without thinking, and hope one turns out alright. You can delete the poorContinue reading “The benefits of film photography”

Pinhole photos

I recently built a pinhole lens for my 35mm SLR. I took some photos over Christmas and I just got the film back from the developers. The results are good, given that this “lens” is a piece of tin foil with a hole in it. The focus is pretty good, although not perfect. The biggerContinue reading “Pinhole photos”

My 35mm pinhole camera

After I posted the other day about building a pinhole camera, I immediately ordered a body cap from eBay. Last night it arrived, and here’s how I made my pinhole camera. Making the pinhole “lens” Not only do pinholes have to be tiny in diameter, they should also be made through a thin material. IContinue reading “My 35mm pinhole camera”

How not to handle negatives

Since I started playing with 35mm photography a few weeks ago, I’ve been using Snappy Snaps near Clifton Down shopping centre. It came with the recommendation of a friend. I’ve simply been asking them to develop the film into negatives and then I’ve been scanning the negatives myself. But I noticed that the first fewContinue reading “How not to handle negatives”