Using Canon FD lenses on digital cameras

Digital camera lenses are expensive, so it’s no wonder people are turning to much cheaper second-hand manual focus lenses. However these older, mechanical lenses behave quite differently from the electronic ones that digital camera owners are used to. This article discusses the key differences and will hopefully help you get the best out of manual focus lensesContinue reading “Using Canon FD lenses on digital cameras”

Digitising a Super 8 film

[toc] Over the past few weeks I’ve made digital copies of quite a few Super 8 films. The proper way of doing it is by scanning each frame individually but this involves expensive and hard-to-find equipment. You can send films away to various companies to be digitised properly for not too much money, but thatContinue reading “Digitising a Super 8 film”

How many megapixels do you get from film?

Well that’s a question. There’s no easy answer, but I’ll discuss it a little here. If you just want the figures, scroll down to the table! The number of film “pixels” (grains) does not equal to the resolution of the film – unlike pixels on a digital sensor. For now let’s ignore this fact andContinue reading “How many megapixels do you get from film?”

Your guide to buying a digital compact camera

Most of the photography articles on this site are about advanced cameras and techniques. But recently someone asked me for advice on buying a compact camera for a holiday, so I decided to write this guide. Hopefully it will be useful. Lens There’s a lot to know about lenses, and they have a huge impactContinue reading “Your guide to buying a digital compact camera”

The benefits of film photography

In today’s day and age of convenience, you might ask why bother using film to take photographs? After all, a digital camera is cheap and easy. You can take hundreds of photos of anything you like. You can take photos like mad without thinking, and hope one turns out alright. You can delete the poorContinue reading “The benefits of film photography”

Digital vs film photography

When digital cameras came out, people hailed it as a great revolution. You could now take thousands of holiday pictures and simply delete the ones you didn’t like. While this is certainly a bonus for some, it can encourage the photographer to be lazy about setting up the scene properly. My first “real” camera wasContinue reading “Digital vs film photography”