Some photographic statistics

This week, I decided to have a look at some statistics about photos I’ve taken with my Canon 450D. Using a little Perl magic, I extracted the EXIF data from almost 7,000 photos that I’ve taken since purchasing the camera 10 months ago. The first graph shows the different focal lengths used in the photographs.Continue reading “Some photographic statistics”

Success with infrared photography

A while back I took an interest in infrared photography, and I bought a couple of rolls of Maco 820c infrared film. Using infrared film involves a huge amount of trial and error, and unlike digital cameras, you can’t take one or two pictures and check after each one. You have to shoot a wholeContinue reading “Success with infrared photography”

My 35mm pinhole camera

After I posted the other day about building a pinhole camera, I immediately ordered a body cap from eBay. Last night it arrived, and here’s how I made my pinhole camera. Making the pinhole “lens” Not only do pinholes have to be tiny in diameter, they should also be made through a thin material. IContinue reading “My 35mm pinhole camera”

Photography for beginners: Camera basics

Most cameras, even compacts, have at least some manual settings that you can adjust if you want to explore what your camera can do. As I mentioned in my introduction, the three most common settings to play with are the aperture, shutter speed and ISO. What the settings do Let me go into a littleContinue reading “Photography for beginners: Camera basics”

Photography for beginners: Introduction

I started getting into photography a couple of years ago, and I have been helped along the way by a colleague and various books and websites. I’ve been learning about cameras continuously, and a few months after I got interested, my brother took an interest too. I made some notes about basic camera settings forContinue reading “Photography for beginners: Introduction”