Enlarger bulbs for the Durst C35

Today I bought and collected a second-hand Durst C35 enlarger. It needed a new bulb, and the manual says very little about bulbs except you must use a MELAMP 55. Users in some forums, including this one, say that compatible bulbs are difficult to find, or expensive. A little research tells me that the correctContinue reading “Enlarger bulbs for the Durst C35”

Success with infrared photography

A while back I took an interest in infrared photography, and I bought a couple of rolls of Maco 820c infrared film. Using infrared film involves a huge amount of trial and error, and unlike digital cameras, you can’t take one or two pictures and check after each one. You have to shoot a wholeContinue reading “Success with infrared photography”

Pinhole photos

I recently built a pinhole lens for my 35mm SLR. I took some photos over Christmas and I just got the film back from the developers. The results are good, given that this “lens” is a piece of tin foil with a hole in it. The focus is pretty good, although not perfect. The biggerContinue reading “Pinhole photos”