This is a used Philips PF1 flashbulb. It used contain magnesium wool – now it contains magnesium oxide splatteredĀ over the inside, and the glass has cracked with the heat of the flash.

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A while back, I bought a Conway Synchronised box camera which came with a Coro Flash included. More recently I managed to get hold of some flash bulbs for it, but had trouble using them. Using a multimeter and some paperclips I tested each stage of the flashgun and the synchronised trigger mechanism in the […]

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Pinhole photos

I recently built a pinhole lens for my 35mm SLR. I took some photos over Christmas and I just got the film back from the developers. The results are good, given that this “lens” is a piece of tin foil with a hole in it. The focus is pretty good, although not perfect. The bigger […]

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Ode to filament bulbs

Having just read this article about the phasing out of 100W light bulbs, I decided to take a photo of one. Unfortunately I don’t have any traditional light bulbs (I’m a good boy!) but I found a desk lamp with a 12V halogen bulb. I took this photo using an infra-red filter.

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