Homemade lens

I’ve often thought about making my own lenses, but unfortunately I’m so bad at making things I’ve always avoided it (apart from making a pinhole “lens”). But this week I was fortunate enough to be left with a broken 35mm slide projector, a Braun Novamat 515 AF-I, to be specific. It had a Braun Color-Paxon […]

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Braun Paxette Electromatic II

Released 1959 The Paxette is quite a nice compact, with a fixed shutter speed at 1/40, but variable aperture and focus. The basic selenium meter doesn’t work but that’s OK. It’s still perfectly usable as a manual camera. See all photos taken with the Paxette. At a glance Lens Fixed 40mm f/2.8 Film 135 Focus […]

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