Another attempt at panoramas

A few weeks ago I wrote about converting an old 116 format folding camera to accept 120 film, and using it to take (almost) 6×12 format panoramas. My modification with card strips moved the film plane too far back and caused focus problems. And then the glue came unstuck and the film gate came loose.Continue reading “Another attempt at panoramas”

Calibrating the focus ring on a Paxette

Recently I was given a Braun Paxette. After running a couple of rolls of film through it, I’ve decided that the focus isn’t quite calibrated correctly according to the focus ring. Fortunately, you can loosen three grub screws around the snout of the lens and rotate the focus ring without moving the lens, line itContinue reading “Calibrating the focus ring on a Paxette”

New camera: Braun Paxette Electromatic II

Hana went to a car boot sale recently. I half-jokingly asked her to pick up anything photographic if it was cheap, hoping to sell it on eBay for a few quid (and maybe even use it). Girl done good – she found a early 1960s Braun Paxette Electromatic II for not many pounds. The sellerContinue reading “New camera: Braun Paxette Electromatic II”

Photography for beginners: Introduction

I started getting into photography a couple of years ago, and I have been helped along the way by a colleague and various books and websites. I’ve been learning about cameras continuously, and a few months after I got interested, my brother took an interest too. I made some notes about basic camera settings forContinue reading “Photography for beginners: Introduction”