Dew drops

There’s been a lot of black & white photos on my blog lately, so I think it is about time for a splash of colour. Here are some water droplets perched on my grass.

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A quick shot of a chess board for this week’s photo challenge, for reasons that will become clear! Digital shot with Canon EOS 600D and Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro. Blue tint and fake film grain added digitally.

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Through the viewfinder

This week for the Photo Challenge, Kirsty suggested that we innovate and cobble together some lighting equipment out of household bits and bobs. Before I explain my method, here’s what I achieved. This picture actually involved three cameras, some drinking straws, and lots of glue. I used the through-the-viewfinder (TtV) technique. The small camera in […]

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These days I don’t always manage to come up with a Photo Challenge entry, Heat. I’m quite pleased with this shot of a match being lit. It did take quite a few goes to get something I liked. I also shot a high-speed video of the match being lit. I’m had enough photography for this evening […]

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Water drops

This week the Photo Challenge was to take photos of water droplets in one form or another. Here’s my entry. For those who are interested… This picture was taken with a Canon EOS 600D with Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro lens. ISO 200, aperture f/5.6 to provide at least some depth of field, shutter speed was […]

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Mittens waits for Christmas

This picture was a happy accident while I was attempting to take a picture for the Advent-themed photo challenge this week. I was attempting to set up a snowglobe with lights behind it. I was also going to shake the snowglobe to set the snow swirling around. I was just testing focus when Mittens came […]

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Look what the cat dragged in!

This evening, Mittens brought a live slow-worm into the house. I’m not a huge fan of sharing my living space with reptiles, so I carried it outside and took its picture. Despite their appearance, slow-worms are not actually snakes, although they look similar to small grass snakes. Unlike snakes, their eyes can blink. To give a sense of […]

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