Some macros

As I wrote recently on my blog, I bought a Tamron 90mm macro lens. Up until today, I’d only published a boring photo of a piece of Velcro. But over the last few days I’ve taken a few photos with it, and here are the results.

This is a screw. Bonus points to anyone who can correctly guess which type!

This is a piece of 35mm film. It’s black because it’s the exposed film leader that I snipped off when developing a film the other day.

A close-up of the aperture ring of the beautiful, scary and fun camera that is the Braun Paxette Electromatic II.

And finally, here are some flowers that I saw in Royal Fort Garden. No idea what they are. Anyone?

One thought on “Some macros

  1. Some nice shots there mate, you’re right that Braun camera is beautiful!

    As for the screw, I know I’ve seen ones like it before; I’d guess a wood screw from some IKEA furniture.


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