Infrared Week Part 6

Part six of Infrared Week. This is a view down into the Avon Gorge, seen from the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The use of infrared film makes the water turn an eerie black while trees glow a pale white. Mamiya C220 camera with Mamiya-Sekor 80mm f/2.8 lens and Efke IR820 Aura film.

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Jaywalking, or as it is more concisely known in the UK, crossing at the red man, really winds me up. So I decided to capture it for this week’s Photo Challenge – things that make you angry. Working on a university campus, it wasn’t hard to find dozens of students walking in front of cars […]

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Sprocket holes

Sprocket holes in 35mm film are usually outside the boundary of the picture. But the other day, Paul showed me some of his pictures taken on an Ilford Sporti 4 which include the holes in the picture and it got me thinking*. I decided to run some 35mm film through my LOMO Lubitel and see […]

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Slow shutter

Today I decided that I wanted to go out and take a photo of blurred pedestrians walking down a street, using a slow shutter. I’d never tried this before but I thought I knew what to do. I used both of my ND filters (an ND4 and an ND8) to limit the amount of light […]

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Mountain road

This steep road leads from the port of Messina to the town of Taormina, through the foothills of Mount Etna. The coach I travelled on passed along the roads you see here minutes before I took the photo.

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