Partial solar eclipse

This is the closest to totality that we saw in Bristol during the solar eclipse this morning. Taken on a digital camera, but using a decidedly vintage Tokina RMC 400mm f/5.6 lens with Paragon 2x teleconverter and a custom-made solar filter.

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Big, red sunset

This week the Photo Challenge is Leap, inspired by the leap year. There’s a lot of superstition around February 29th, but I’m going back to the astronomical basics. Leap years occur to nudge the Gregorian calendar back in sync with the solar year, and I’ve taken a picture of the sun setting over Bristol on […]

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A new view of the Sun

Recently I wrote about making a solar filter for my camera but it’s taken a while to get round to using it. I had a quick go today, using my Canon 450D and a Tokina 400mm f/5.6 lens. The results are a bit iffy – there were massive problems with internal reflections in the lens […]

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Making a solar filter

I wanted a solar filter for my camera, for safe observation and photography of the sun. Typically these filters have an optical density of OD 5.0, which for photographers is ND 100,000. This means that only 0.001% of light is allowed through the filter. You can buy pre-made solar filters, but they are expensive and […]

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Shots of Bristol

This week I shot another roll of black & white film in my SLR. Last night I developed it, and tonight I’ve scanned and uploaded the highlights for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately I think I overdeveloped the film a little, so some of the brighter areas are burnt out. Never mind. First of all, here […]

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Autumn is upon us

In my opinion, it’ll be hard for me to beat last year’s Autumn colours photo. But I still think this photo does a pretty good job of capturing the strange interplay between bright sunshine and wet leaves.

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Viewfinder optional

From Stu’s Tuesday Challenge: Take a bunch of photos without using any kind of viewfinder or checking the images on the rear screen afterwards. Post your best one of the week! I had a barbecue with Hana and a couple of friends on Bristol Downs today. Seemed an ideal time to take photos, and when […]

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