Severn Beach Sunset

This weekend Fraser (my best-man-to-be and arch-enemy friend of old) visited so we could go wedding suit shopping with my dad, my brothers, and Hannah’s dad. Success – we found some suits in a suit shop! Who’d have thought? I dunno why women make such a fuss about shopping 😉

So with time to spare, and the promise of a nice-looking sunset, Fraser, Hannah and I headed up to Severn Beach, which isn’t a beach at all, but actually a large mud flat strewn with old tyres and lumps of concrete. Fraser is a fan of industrial architecture and Severn Beach offers lots of industrial buildings, an estuary, a railway and two motorway bridges. Civil engineering heaven!

I took two Canon FD-mount 35mm cameras, one loaded with colour film and the other loaded with black & white, and a rucksack of various lenses that can be used on either camera. The interesting surroundings and spectacular sunset didn’t disappoint and I rattled off a couple of rolls of film – Fraser likewise with his pair of Pentax-mount SLRs.

Kit bag:

  • Canon AE-1 Program with Agfa Vista Plus 200
  • Canon FTb with Jessops Pan 100S
  • Canon FD 28mm f/2.8
  • Canon FD 50mm f/1.4
  • Canon FD 70-210mm f/4

2 thoughts on “Severn Beach Sunset

  1. Nice work Jon, the colours of the sun set are beautiful!
    Got mine developed yesterday and they came out a bit washed out.
    Really like the b/w one of the eroded channel and the one with the sun set and the bridge!
    ‘Arch enemy’? With shots like that, damn right! 😉


    1. Thanks. Did you have prints or scans made at the lab? The trouble is with automatic machines is they try to intelligently fix the white balance. As the sunset pictures were all very orange, the machine probably tried to compensate by removing “excess” orange. I had to fiddle with my scanner to prevent it from being “helpful”. Look forward to seeing your pics too 🙂


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