Some pictures in colour

You might think that colour photography has been mainstream for decades, and you’d be right. But for me, I rarely shoot in colour because I only have the equipment at home to process black & white film. Once in a while, I treat myself and have a few colour films developed at a lab, and scan them at home.

These two images were taken back in April on a walk around Cheddar Gorge. Both the colour and B&W films were shot on the same day, but it’s taken me this long to have the colour one developed. As I said in the other post, it was the first time I had used my Mamiya RB67 and it was tricky getting to grips with how to use it effectively. Here, I accidentally double-exposed one of the negatives, but I quite like the effect.

And as you can tell, this frame was shot at Stonehenge, on the same day as the B&W ones.

Just last week, I sat out in Oldbury Court to watch sunset. The clouds were streaked across the sky, and I was hoping for a vividly-coloured and dramatic sunset. It wasn’t particularly red/orange in the end, but I managed this shot.

More interestingly, I managed to take this shot of my own hand, grasping at the last few rays of sunlight before the sun sank below the horizon.

And, of course, I revisited my favourite tree to see it glow in the golden evening light.

Some of these photos are good, but given the inconvenience and expense of shooting medium-format colour film, I think it will remain an occasional treat.

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