Bristol Cathedral

Regular readers of this blog will know that I enjoy photographing the interiors and exteriors of churches and cathedrals. Bristol Cathedral, just a couple of minutes walk away from my office, is conspicuously absent from my list so far. Last week I decided to take a lunchtime walk around the cathedral as the sun was […]

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Severn Beach Sunset

This weekend Fraser (my best-man-to-be and arch-enemy friend of old) visited so we could go wedding suit shopping with my dad, my brothers, and Hannah’s dad. Success – we found some suits in a suit shop! Who’d have thought? I dunno why women make such a fuss about shopping šŸ˜‰ So with time to spare, […]

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I’ve had this photo in my head for a while, but only recently got round to taking it. I like it. Canon FTb camera with Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens, lit with single desk lamp. Expired JessopsĀ Pan 100S film, developed in Ilford Microphen.

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Some time ago, Paul challenged me to do the numbers challenge. (This isn’t related to the Photo Challenge, by the way). The numbers challenge is simple. You put a film in your favourite camera, and take photos of numbers in order. On a 36-exposure film, you’d take pictures of the numbers 1-36 in order, as […]

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Bristol from a vantage point

While I was out taking my panorama of Bristol at the weekend, I also packed a long lens and went to see what I could see. This was also the first outing of my “new” Canon FTb, which I bought mainly for astronomy. Paired with a 400mm lens, it’s an excellent combination. As a cyclist, […]

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Canon FTb

Released 1971 The Canon FTb is a pretty ordinary camera as manual-focus 35mm SLRs go. It’s similar to the AE-1 Program that I already have. So why get this one? The AE-1P is electronically controlled and offers no facility for locking up the mirror. This becomes a problem when I am doing astrophotography, as the […]

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