This picture was taken for the industrial photo challenge, and depicts a construction site in Bristol on a misty morning.

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Tower cranes

Ever since a couple of tower cranes were erected just across from my office, I’ve had a photo like this in mind. First I didn’t have a camera on me, then I brought it to work but it got switched on in my bag and ran its batteries flat. Then it was terrible weather for […]

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Urban exploration

A friend visited me this weekend. His latest hobby is urban exploration so we decided to give it a go in Bristol. We considered a few sites but eventually we happened upon a factory by chance which shall remain nameless. Entry was through a small hole in the side. The ground floor doors and windows […]

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From Stu: Back to the usual rules, this week you’re taking a picture especially for the challenge. And the theme is BIG. Good luck! Well, I haven’t put so much effort into a photograph for a long time! I had fun with this one – cutting out, painting and making a mess. If you want […]

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