On top of the world

Well, on top of the roof of the Bristol University physics department, which is a pretty tall building on top of a pretty tall hill.

This afternoon I managed to get access to go up there with some colleagues. Unfortunately I’d just finished a roll of film in my SLR, but I managed to borrow a Fuji S6500fd.

The first shot is looking West over the Clifton area. Unfortunately the sun was pretty low in the sky.

This shot is looking East. The tower blocks going across the middle of the photo are in Lawrence Hill, and if you click for the bigger version and look at the pale building on the horizon towards the left, that’s Cossham Hospital in Kingswood.

A little closer to home – this image shows the department of chemistry in the foreground. You can see the the industrial museum about halfway up, by the permanently moored ship on the river.

4 thoughts on “On top of the world

  1. lovelly shots of brizzle!

    If you get a chance, get up the top of wills memorial. It opens free to the public once a year(ish). Looking straight down park street from the top is a really bizzarre perspective shot, and you can *just* see the first severn bridge on a clear day.


  2. We could see the Severn bridge from the top of physics, actually. Although the physics building isn’t as tall as the Wills Memorial building, it’s higher so the tops are about the same height. In fact, looking at my first photo you can see the Wills building and you’re looking across at it, rather than up at it.


  3. So it is! amd so you can! I didn’t look too hard at that particular photo. *blushes*

    I always forget how big that hill actually is…
    I do love the roof of the chemistry building though 🙂


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