Magnificent beasts

Hannah and I went to Longleat again recently. We’ve been a few times before because we enjoy it so much, which means I’ve taken most of the photos I can take there. This time, I was more content just to sit, look, listen and admire the animals. Of course I got my camera out aContinue reading “Magnificent beasts”

Longleat Safari Park VIP Tour

For the second part of our honeymoon, Hannah and I went to Longleat Safari Park, where we had booked a VIP Tour. We’ve been to the safari park before, for the traditional bus tour but this time we wanted to get up close with the animals in a 4×4 and have a private guide toContinue reading “Longleat Safari Park VIP Tour”

Longleat Safari Park

This week, Hannah and I stayed in at Center Parcs in Longleat forest. One of the nearest attractions is Longleat Safari park. I’m not an animal expert but I do admire their beauty, so naturally I took my camera. I ended up taking over a thousand pictures of creatures great and small, ranging from smallContinue reading “Longleat Safari Park”