Twycross Zoo

Hannah and I went to Twycross Zoo this week. Apparently they have the largest collection of monkeys and apes in the western world! Unfortunately I didn’t pay enough notice to the plaques so I’m not sure what all of these animals are 😦 I’ve tried wildlife photography before at Bristol Zoo and at Longleat Safari […]

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Longleat Safari Park

This week, Hannah and I stayed in at Center Parcs in Longleat forest. One of the nearest attractions is Longleat Safari park. I’m not an animal expert but I do admire their beauty, so naturally I took my camera. I ended up taking over a thousand pictures of creatures great and small, ranging from small […]

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Deer at Ashton Court

I saw this deer in the deer park at Ashton Court, just across the suspension bridge from Bristol. Unfortunately it was the only one near enough to the fence to have its photo taken, and is the best photo of a bad bunch. For those who are interested, this photo was uploaded from Ashton Court […]

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