Falconry on Troopers Hill

This weekend, the Friends of Troopers Hill hosted a free falconry display, which was put on by West Country Falconry. We were treated to an informative talk and a flying display from five different birds of prey. I can’t remember the¬†species of all the birds we were shown but they definitely included a barn owl,Continue reading “Falconry on Troopers Hill”


Today’s sunshine found Hana and me on the Downs for a picnic. As usual I brought the camera and managed to snap this photo of a bird taking off. Unfortunately it’s not in perfect focus because the autofocus on this Tamron 70-300mm lens can only be considered fast by glacial standards. Fortunately, this cyclist passedContinue reading “Takeoff!”

Some “wildlife”

Some say that it’s not wildlife if it’s urban vermin. I don’t care, and here are my pictures of seagulls and pigeons. This is the first time I’ve tried using fast film (Ilford HP5+) in my camera, and I coupled it with an 80-200mm lens. This photo of a seagull was an exercise to practiseContinue reading “Some “wildlife””