I bought a BluRay-ROM drive for my media PC this week, and so I decided to bump-start my collection of BluRays.

I dredged through the bargain movies at Play.com and ordered ten of them.

Much was my surprise when they started arriving today and I discovered that they were individually wrapped!

I can’t understand how they can possibly save money by using ten cardboard packets and ten orders with the courier. It seems to me to be more efficient to pick the ten discs in the warehouse, put them in one box and post the box off.

Not to mention the cost to the environment (or perhaps more importantly, perceived cost).

2 thoughts on “Efficiency

  1. buying 10000 branded packets the same size and shape is likely cheaper than buying 400 of one size, 2000 of another etc… Especially when the number of different packet sizes change.

    I would also imagine that the amount that goes to the courier is negotiated into a “by address” rather than “by packet”, and that the magority of the DVD/cd sales are mostly automated.
    eg – pull pre packaged dvd off shelf, stick printed address label to it, stick in bin to be posted.

    I agree it seems silly, but it is likely cheaper.


  2. Perhaps more relevant to me is the fact that I received ten parcels at work over two days. They already get a bit grouchy if I buy too many things so this appears to be overkill.


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