How to waste £400

I dropped my iPhone 3GS this week. It fell perfectly face down on the pavement, and the glass front shattered. The screen still works perfectly, and so does the touch-screen. Unfortunately some of the shards of glass are loose and they have an unpleasant tendency to stick in your thumb when you swipe to unlock […]

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The Church of England

My youngest brother will soon be sixteen, which means he will have come of age in the eyes of the Church of England. He was given a form to register on the church’s electoral roll, meaning he can attend and vote at PCC meetings, and probably entitles him to hold other positions of responsibility too. […]

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Tagging photos by camera

I’ve decided to start tagging all of my new posts from now with the camera and lens they were taken with. At some point I will probably work back through the archive (250 posts!) and tag those too. You can now find photos taken with: Sony Ericsson K800i Fuji Finepix S6500fd Fuji Finepix S9600 Canon […]

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Productivity tools

For my email and calendaring, I use Mozilla Thunderbird with the Lightning plugin (which implements the Sunbird calendar inside Thunderbird – nifty!). As you can see here, Lightning is helping me plan my morning at work efficiently, by automatically checking over 4 billion of my calendars. Perhaps by that time it has fetched all of […]

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Fail: Hannspree TV manual

For ages I’ve been meaning to collect together all the fails I come across and post them on my blog. So let’s get started. This snippet is taken from the user manual of a Hannspree Xv-S LCD TV. Operating conditions Temperature Temperature 32°F to + 104°F ( 0°C to + 40°C) Humanity 20% to 65% […]

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A while back I was approached by another Flickr user, who asked if he could use one my photos alongside one of his poems. Of course I said yes, and since then I completely forgot about it – until today. You can read the poem, Loss, on his blog.

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How couriers should be

As someone who frequently makes online purchases, I am a frequent user of courier services. But on this occasion, the seller that I bought from used a courier that I haven’t experienced before – Interlink Express. And I have to say, they’ve done everything right. I am impressed by their level of service, and I […]

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