Always Top Quality, We Insist

I recently looked at the website of the manufacturer of my telescope, Guan Sheng Optical, better known as GSO. I love the juxtaposition of their tag line, “Always Top Quality, We Insist”, with a bunch of gobbledegook (click for bigger version). To be fair to them, my GSO telescope is really excellent and I’m very […]

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St Paul’s Church

Some time ago, back in 2001, I set up the first website for St Paul’s Church, Stockingford. There have been a few iterations since then, but today I’m pleased to announce the latest edition. It has been fully redesigned to include more dynamic elements, provide more useful information, and require less maintenance. It’s based on […]

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A blast from the past

This evening I stumbled across my first web site. I put this together using Publisher 97, probably in the year 1997. It looks rather, uh, dated these days. While browsing the tree of that site, I also found my brother Oliver’s website, and a site I set up in 1999 about my year 9 class […]

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